The Hardanger Fruit and Cider Festival takes place every autumn in Øystese, Hardanger. This year mark the date 8th October.

Further notifications on the program will follow!

Cider – the traditional drink of Hardanger!

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A growing online reference site all about real cider.
The general theme and purpose of the site is to encourage the availability of what we consider to be quality cider through listing outlets and producers, advising small scale and home cider makers, and collecting together any other information which may be informative, entertaining or organisational. The wiki is a quick and easy way to create new pages for the site, to correct errors and keep the information as accurate and up to date as possible.

The Wittenham Hill Cider Portal

This portal takes you to a whole load of information about small-scale cider making. Here you can learn how to grow cider apples, how to process them into cider juice,how to ferment it into hard cider, and how to bottle and store the cider. Later, you can learn how to tweak the process to make it just what you want - dry or sweet, fizzy or flat. There's sections on unfermented apple juice and on cider vinegar too. There's even a bit of history - these fellows are from the 17th century!

The Cider Museum Hereford


EXPLORE the story of traditional cidermaking, how apples were harvested, milled, pressed and how the resulting juice was fermented to produce cider. WALK through our reconstructed farm ciderhouse and see the complete set of travelling cidermaker's 'tack'. Some of the exhibits were used on farms in cidermaking districts up to 300 years before being presented to the Museum.